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Thanksgiving - Giving Thanks: Celebrating Gratitude in Construction

As Thanksgiving approaches, Erick Mendez, Founder and President of Jabes Constructors and EM Building Contractors, reflects on a life indebted to the construction industry.

"The construction field isn't just about building structures; it's about constructing dreams,"

Erick shares.

From humble beginnings to leading construction ventures, Erick's journey embodies gratitude for the industry that shaped him. "The construction realm taught me resilience, teamwork, and the beauty of turning blueprints into reality," he reflects.

This Thanksgiving, Erick extends profound appreciation to the dedicated teams, visionary architects, and passionate builders who breathe life into every project. "The construction community is a family," he emphasizes. "We build, innovate, and transform landscapes together."

Amidst the hustle of construction, Erick pauses to give thanks for the opportunities, challenges, and the privilege of shaping communities.

"Thanksgiving is a reminder to cherish every brick laid, every foundation poured, and every life touched through our work,"

he concludes.


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